Thematic scope


GREENPOWER – the renewable energy fair gathers representatives of all sectors of this market. This is an excellent opportunity to exchange experience, gain knowledge and learn about a number of pro-ecological solutions

The main driver of the market is improving the quality of human life and at the same time increasing the demand for energy. The consequences of using harmful raw materials, such as air, water or soil pollution, encourage the use of alternative solutions. The use of fossil fuels comes at a cost, so it is increasingly important to take into account ecological methods when producing energy.


Thematic scope of the GREENPOWER fair:

1. Agrophotovoltaics
2. Biogas
3. Biomass
4. Biofuels and alternative fuels
5. Zero-emission construction
6. Energy consulting
7. Electromobility and public eco-transport
8. Geothermal energy
9. Offshore/onshore wind energy
10. Hydropower
11. Financing and insurance of renewable energy investments
12. Photovoltaics
13. Energy clusters and cooperatives
14. Energy storage
15. Tools and consumable equipment
16. Renewable energy in local government, cooperatives and housing communities
17. Heat pumps
18. IT solutions for the renewable energy industry
19. Heating technology
20. Technologies based on renewable energy sources
21. Technologies for obtaining electricity and heat from renewable and distributed sources
22. Devices and technological lines for pellet production
23. Other