President of Poland Andrzej Duda on February 5, 2018. Signed developed by the Ministry of Energy Act of electromobility and alternative fuels. - Adoption of the Act creates conditions for spread of electric transport in Poland, and thus opens up new prospects for the development of Polish business and scientific sector. Electromobility can become a driver of modern economy, contribute to the growth of innovation in the energy sector and an effective tool in the fight against air pollution - says Energy Minister Krzysztof Tchórzewski.

Tchórzewski minister stresses that electric transport is a new, global and fast-growing trend that includes more countries. The Minister points out that prepared by the Ministry of Energy Act places Poland among the countries-leaders in developing the market for electromobility. - Adoption of the solutions proposed in the Act will increase the energy security of the country, while the market development of alternative fuels in transport can significantly improve air quality in cities - adds the head of the ME. It notes that participation in the technological revolution connected with the development of electric vehicles also will allow Poland to create new industries and help to stimulate economic growth.

Ministry responsible for the development of electromobility, energy Deputy Minister Michael Kurtyka emphasizes, in turn, that the adoption of the law is another step towards the use of innovation potential in the energy sector. - Electromobility is one of the industrial and technological niches in which Poland can not only chase the most developed economies of the world, but effectively compete with them - notes Kurtyka. It also notes that the development of electromobility market in Poland will allow the creation of new technological solutions and new business models. He added that developing the provisions of the Act Ministry of Energy worked closely with the social. -Thanks to the solutions proposed in the act in a comprehensive manner correspond to the expectations and needs of the market and potential users of this form of transport- accentuates the undersecretary of state in the ministry of energy.

Incentives for drivers

Developed by the Ministry of Energy Act of electromobility and alternative fuels introduces a number of incentives for drivers, among others, lower excise taxes on the purchase of electric vehicles and more favorable depreciation rate, mobility of electric vehicles on the lanes for buses, as well as the possibility of free parking in paid parking zones.

Development of infrastructure

Provisions of this Act shall also assist in the development of public transport powered by alternative fuels. By 2028 on Polish roads has to move close to 3 thousand. electric buses. The project emerged as solutions, aimed at removing the current barriers to the development of electric vehicle car sharing services - this form of activity was considered as a kind of public transport.

The Act also creates the legal basis for the development of infrastructure for car recharging with electric energy or the CNG / LNG and defines rules for creating and functioning of the alternative fuels for transport. By the end of 2020. Has created approx. 6 thousand. charging points of a normal power electricity charging points 400 and high-power electricity and CNG 70 points arranged in 32 urban areas, and densely populated areas.

Easier for entrepreneurs

In addition, the document defines the charging of electric vehicles as a new kind of business - a service charge does not constitute a sale of electricity within the meaning of the Energy Law and therefore will not require a license. It will also offer services not only charge users of electric vehicles but also electric bikes or mopeds. Definition of charging stations allow to provide a staging point at the load and facilitate the implementation of the service charge. This is to facilitate and encourage the activities of companies interested in this area.

New opportunities air pollution

The law gives local governments the opportunity to introduce clean transport zones to which entry will only vehicles powered by alternative fuels. This will be an effective tool in the fight against the so-called air pollution. low emissions, which contribute to the formation of a largely increased traffic.

Act on electromobility and alternative fuels (version after the completion of the work in the parliament)


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