Michałowice commune will purchase two zero-emission electric buses


The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management will provide funds for this purpose in the total amount of over PLN 4 million - both in the form of subsidies and loans. Agreement under the "Green Public Transport" program.

- The development of the electromobility sector is another step towards the development of the Polish economy and an example building the industry of the future in our country. This is an impetus not only for the automotive industry, but also for many other sectors and the possibility of developing the most modern techniques and technologies in Poland, which are also used in other areas of the economy, emphasizes Anna Łukaszewska-Trzeciakowska, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment.

- Well-organized public transport is crucial, not only for economic development and the comfort of life of the inhabitants, but also for the sake of environmental protection, as evidenced by the agreement concluded today contract - says Artur Michalski, vice president of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Economy Water.

- We encourage cities and municipalities to cooperate to create conditions for development in Poland
electromobility, especially in the field of zero-emission public collective transport. We count that
thanks to such activities, there will be even more electric buses on our streets - he adds
Vice President Michalski.

The Michałowice Commune obtained from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management for the project entitled: "Zero-emission buses for the Michałowice Commune" subsidy in the amount of PLN 2,398,807.00, i.e. 58.72% eligible costs and a loan of 1 PLN 686,021.00, and accounting for 41.28%. eligible costs, with a total cost of 4,084 PLN 828.00.

The investment involves the purchase of two low-floor electric buses, adapted for the transport of disabled people. As a result of the project, it will be achieved environmental effect in the form of: reduction of CO2 emissions: 37.93786 Mg / year, reduction of emissions nitrogen oxides: 0.04206 Mg / year and reduction of dust emission with a diameter of less than 10 micrometers (PM10): 0.00016 Mg / year.